About Me

W.H. Gilmore was born in Manhattan.  Nope, wrong town.  He was born in Manhattan, Kansas, the Little Apple as it is affectionately called by some of its residents.  He lived there for the first ten years of his life before a job opportunity for his dad moved his family to Mesa, Arizona.  That was a big change in his life, and not necessarily a good one.  It was difficult for a small town Kansas kid to relate to the big city Arizona kids, so William had few friends for the next few years.

School was difficult, and the Arizona Department of Education failed this kid.  William was a bright kid.  The classes he was in were not challenging, and he was bored much of the time.  It’s no surprise that he lost interest in school completely.  By the eighth grade he was three years behind and failing again.  When he failed, rather than reenter the eighth grade at 17 years old, William dropped out and tested for and received his G.E.D.  Not long after turning eighteen, William moved with a friend to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The move to Tennessee proved to be better for William than the one to Arizona.  He made some great friends, got involved in a good church, and got married.  Life was looking good.

Of course life is full of ups and downs. William and his wife divorced.  He made a series of bad decisions. Thankfully though, William found his love of writing.  The books you find here are a labor of love, and William hopes you enjoy them.